Lawn Biostimulant - 500ml


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Healthy Garden Lawn biostimulant product is a unique source of silicon and bioflavonoids to provide leaf strength, speedy and homogeneous germination and vital root development to help sustain a robust garden lawn. Tapping into the natural internal processes of the grass to help cope with stress.

Healthy Garden Lawn biostimulant is an advanced lawn formula which stimulates grass growth and improves development.

  • Richer colour
  • Healthier & stronger
  • Strong grassroots with better access to nutrients and water
  • Faster seed germination for new and repaired lawns
  • Prevent weeds and moss
  • Defend against pests and disease
  • Faster recovery from harsh weather conditions

Product & Application Information

What is it?

A concentrated formula containing state of the art bioflavonoid technology, it is safe to use and contains no toxins.

When should I use it?

Healthy Garden advanced lawn biostimulant can be used all year round to help prime your lawn, an application every two weeks is recommended.

How do I apply it?

It’s a simple as adding 2 capfuls (5ml each) per litre of water into a watering can. Spread evenly whilst walking up and down the lawn.

How far will it go?

Each bottle will make 10 x 5L watering cans and on average you would need 2 watering cans per application.