Fruit & Veg Biostimulant- 500ml


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Healthy Garden Fruit & Veg biostimulant stimulates your plants to produce greater yields, better quality and healthier plants. Root stimulation is the key to strong and vigorous growth in plants. It's best to do this by harnessing the plants own natural processes with Healthy Garden products.

Healthy Garden Fruit & Veg is an advanced fruit & vegetable biostimulant which stimulates plant growth and improves development.

  • Bigger, sweeter fruits and tastier vegetables
  • Strong roots with better access to nutrients and water
  • More foliage and beautiful flowers
  • Long-term health and protection from pests and disease
  • Faster recovery from harsh weather conditions
  • Assisted defence against pests, disease and damage

Product & Application Information

What is it?

A concentrated formula made with 100% naturally occurring ingredients. It is pet and child friendly containing no toxins.

When should I use it?

Healthy Garden Fruit & Veg biostimulant can be used all year round, we recommend an application every 2 weeks.

How do I apply it?

It’s a simple as adding 25ml or 5 capfuls (5ml each) per litre of water into a watering can. Spray evenly over the leaves and the soil at the base of the plant.

How far will it go?

Each bottle will make 20 x 1L watering cans.