September Harvest

September 15, 2020 2 min read

September Harvest

It is a busy month ahead for garden maintenance as the season starts to change, but with a bit of help, there are huge rewards to be had!

The Work

This is the tough bit, but to make it easier for you, we’ve complied a handy to-do list for you for this month, grouped with the products we have to help keep your garden healthy.

Working in the garden


Your lawn will have an autumnal growth spurt about now as damp weather becomes more frequent, so any stress it is put under should grow out before winter inhibits grass growth. Healthy Garden Lawn is a biostimulant product that will ensure your lawn will bounce back quickly from impending harsh weather conditions.

Lawn Care
  • Re-sow or lay new turf on any areas that may have become bare or patchy
  • Scarify the lawn with a rake to remove any surface thatch
  • Aerating or spike your lawn


For continued flowering over the next few weeks, and to ensure plants are sturdy enough to survive the winter ahead, apply our Healthy Garden Flowers & Shrubs. Our well-loved product is designed to help your garden flourish all year round.

September Flowers
  • If you’re doing your bit for the environment and cultivating a wildflower area, now is the time to strim it back
  • Divide clumps of perennials when the soil is dry
  • Deadhead dahlias, roses and sweet peas to extend flowering time
  • Have a go at taking rose cuttings ready for individual planting next summer

Fruit and Vegetables

More autumnal produce will be ripening now, you just need to ensure the slugs don’t get to it before you do. Healthy Garden Fruit & Veg will give your plants a boost to grow more, and tastier, produce ready for you to experiment with in the kitchen.

September fruit in the garden
  • When beans and peas have finished, cut off their tops, but leave the roots
  • Pick any ripe marrows or pumpkins. Make sure to leave them in a sunny spot for a few days to harden before being stored.
  • Dig up remaining potatoes, turnips, carrots, courgettes and beetroot

The Reward

It’s time to enjoy your bountiful harvest! We’ve found some delicious recipes to spark some creativity with your home grown food. We’d love to hear some of yours so don’t forget to share your favourites with us on our social media.

Fruit & Vegetables in the kitchen

Raspberry curd meringue pie

Aubergine and feta frittata

Spanish stuffed marrow

Porridge with beetroot, apple and cranberry compote and toasted hazelnuts

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