Natural biostimulants that achieve stunning results around the garden

Baskets & Pots

Create beautiful displays in your garden that are full of life, colour and vibrancy. Extend blooms and enhance foliage in hanging baskets, pots and containers, plus build up resilience to everyday stresses so your hanging baskets stay healthy.

Fruit & Vegetables

Grow tastier fruit and vegetables in your allotment or veg patch.  Commercial fruit growers measure the sweetness of their fruits with a measurement called Brix; berries taste much sweeter as the Brix levels are higher.

Beds & Borders

Sit back and enjoy the colours, textures and displays from your flower beds and borders. You can use Healthy Garden biostimulants if you are propagating cutting to help boost growth of new roots or when planting seedlings to improve germination time.

Lush Lawns

Lawns take a lot of wear and tear. We mow them, walk and play on them, putting the plant under huge stress, damaging its health and appearance. Boost the strength of the grass at root level and within the leaves to help lawns stay healthy for longer.

Why is Healthy Garden so effective?


Messenger molecules that stimulate internal processes

Root Systems

Creates strong roots, encouraging friendly microbes in the soil

Plant Tonic

Helps plants access and use nutrients more efficiently

Boosts Defences

Supports plant immune systems, protects against pests and disease

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